Our combination of experience in design and precision manufacturing means that we can offer highly customised solutions quickly and affordably.

Hytec Hydraulic Systems has been designing and manufacturing cutting-edge hydraulic systems for over 40 years.

We have developed a reputation for providing innovative solutions that have been proven in the harshest of environments. Hydraulic products that combine sector-leading performance with outstanding reliability and serviceability.

We design everything in-house using the latest in computer-aided design technology. Our highly-skilled design engineers provide bespoke solutions for our clients, working closely with them to ensure even the most complex challenges are met with innovative solutions that meet or exceed client expectations.

We provide hydraulic solutions for a wide range of applications in areas such as farming, manufacturing, and distilling and are particularly experienced working in the oil and gas sector.

Designed-in reliability
Hydraulics used in offshore and subsea applications have to work in some of the harshest and most arduous environments imaginable. They have to offer total reliability. Our commitment to quality at every stage of the manufacturing process has resulted in Hytec equipment developing an enviable reputation for industry-leading reliability.

From client brief to design, from manufacture through to servicing and availability of spare parts, we believe we offer an unbeatable range of solutions.

We often hear of perfectly serviceable equipment requiring replacement due to the poor availability of spare parts. However, Hytec equipment just goes on and on performing reliability year after year. We supply original spare parts for machinery that in some cases is over 40 years old, ensuring that an investment made in a Hytec engineered product will continue to produce benefits many years into the future.

We specialise in the production of:

• Hazardous Area Hydraulic Power Units
• Casing/Tubing Tong Control Systems
• ESP Cable & Control Line Spoolers
• Subsea Pipeline Connector Actuation Systems
• Powered Slip Control & Power Systems
• Special Purpose Lifting/Handling Machines
• Self Tensioning Powered Hose Reels
• Distillery Machinery
• Pipe Handling Conveyor Control Systems
• Test Rigs


We’ve been designing and manufacturing cutting-edge hydraulic systems for over 40 years. Our designers work at the forefront of hydraulic engineering


We offer comprehensive hydraulic component testing. Cylinders are tested to 1.5x standard operating pressure. All data is recorded and given to the customer


Using the latest in design and manufacturing technology we supply all types of hydraulic cylinders and equipment, all constructed to the most exacting standards


Our experienced hydraulic equipment installation team install all kinds of hydraulically operated machinery, all over mainland UK, and also to the offshore industry


The Hytec design team utilise the latest 3D Computer-Aided Design software to design all kinds of original equipment, from simple components to highly complex systems


Outstanding build quality ensures excellent reliability. We still manufacture spare parts for all Hytec machinery, some of which is now over 40 years old

From design to manufacturing we
offer a complete manufacturing solution