We've been providing world-class engineering services to our customers since 1978


Over 40 years of hydraulic engineering excellence.

HYTEC have been providing innovative hydraulic systems and machines for over 40 years: cutting edge solutions that stand the test of time. HYTEC have a real depth of knowledge and wide breadth of skills in all aspects of hydraulic machinery. We design, manufacture and deliver reliable hydraulic systems and machines as well as supplying components for your builds, all over the UK and beyond.

Run by engineers first and business people second, our ethos is that of ensuring our clients are provided with dedicated solutions specific to their needs that lower costs, reduce maintenance & downtime and keep productivity high.  Developing strong relationships are key for us to create trust and reliability. We pride ourselves on being a local company operating on a national playing field. We are committed to ensuring we provide the right solution, on time and budget!

Going from strength to strength

Change is inevitable. Here at Hytec we recognise the need to keep up with changes in the market place, changes in the available technology and changes in the way we interact with our customers.

We are constantly looking at our processes and services we offer to make sure we have the best solutions to your problems available.

When you want to talk to us we are ready, whether it be face to face, a phone call, email, Zoom or Teams meeting we are here for you.


Once we’ve delivered your new equipment or components, you need to know that should you require application support or maintenance, we will be here for you.

We keep accurate records of every piece of equipment and every sale so that we can always respond quickly and accurately to your queries. Whether its a cartridge valve bought last week or a system we installed 20 years ago we have the information and can help.


To provide innovative, useful, long-term solutions that help our customers achieve their goals successfully, on time and on budget.


We are proud of the class-leading quality of our engineering and aim to provide our customers with the very best quality in everything we do.


To continue at the cutting-edge of hydraulics innovation, providing superior solutions and ensuring outstanding customer care are key to our success.